In this section we will know more about “decafé”.

Raúl Laurí is the creator of “decafé”, a new patented material made from used coffee grounds.

Why coffee?

Raúl Laurí reflects on how we could make the most of our everyday’s’ wastes. In this case, he has chosen coffee since it is a product which is near to the user, well-known and worldwide consumed. In fact, it is the second most traded commodity in the world. In addition, it is certain that coffee is an ‘experience bearer’ as we cannot ignore the fact that thousands of stories and events normally take place surrounding a cup of coffee. So, why should we get rid of such a valuable product when it is possible to make the most of its emotional aspects?

How is it made?

This new material is the result of a long experimentation process, patience and enthusiasm. ‘It is the fact of believing in what you do what contributes to give you the necessary strength to achieve any objective you may have’,– Raúl says.

We have managed to get this material basically thanks to experimentation on the use of some traditional culinary techniques. The process is very simple: it consists of using the coffee grounds, mixing them with a natural binding substance and undergoing the result to a pressure and temperature based transformation process by which it is possible to make the material to have enough consistency to be employed in a large range of products.  At present time, “decafé” is a patented product whose “receipt” is kept secret. So, do not hesitate to find out “decafé”’s sensations by yourself.

Experimental process images: